May 9, 2015

Over ten years ago, when I started putting meets together starting with the Clemson Challenge, I wanted to put together awards that were beyond the everyday trophy or Conan the Barbarian Sword that was the standard for powerlifting at the time.  Although gold, silver and bronze medals are not anything new, I felt that if done correctly, it could be something lifters could be proud of and willing to keep for years.  The majority of my trophies took up too much space and collected dust.  They were unsightly and made their way to the trash.  Over the years, I feel that our medals have become some of the nicest powerlifting awards that I have seen at local events.  


How do you display your medals?  Are they sitting in a drawer?  Mine were in a closet.  I wanted to be able to display what I worked so hard to earn in a clean fashion with a design worthy of my favorite room.  After looking at several different designs, I have modified an existing system for displaying medals that I would like to extend to our lifters.  Essentially, I have cut and routed a board that the medals wrap around and tack in the back.  I also use brushed nickel hardware that fastens the display board to a wall.  It's not complex, but the simplicity of it makes it look really nice.



I can make the display boards as orders are received if anyone would like one.  The standard size that is pictured and what I personally use will hold 5 medals.  I can supply the hardware and finished product for $30 plus shipping ($10).  I can also do one for 7 and 9 medals if desired, just add $5 for each additional size up.  I will stain the display board in chocolate or british tan - your choice.  



Check out the pictures and send me an email if you are interested in a medal display board.    Contact me directly at and specify if the size and color.




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