March 7, 2016

Wow.  Several lifters representing South Carolina competed this past weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival and EVERY lifter placed!  


Keith McHoney, lifting at 66 kg, actually competed twice during the weekend.  He broke an American record in the squat (534.6 Lbs.) while lifting in the RAW Challenge, and then did the same with the deadlift (590 Lbs.)  the following day while competing in the Slingshot Pro American competion.  Keith set a World record total on the SECOND day!  He won both events and walked away with prize money to boot!  Keith continues to get stronger and stronger with each outing.


Heather Faas performed well while finishing second in the RAW Challenge and Donny Bigham broke a M1 world record whild squatting 568 Lbs.!  Bigham also pulled a huge 606 Lbs. deadlift in the course of finishing as the number 2 master lifter in the meet and finishing 3rd in the RAW Challenge.  It goes without saying that he broke State records in the squat, deadlift and total!


Lauren Rutan, relatively new to USA Powerlifting, brought her Olympic lifting background to good use and won the Slingshot Pro American competition in the 57 kg class.  She broke her own State records in the bench and deadlift in route to taking first place.


Great lifting!  You guys make me proud to be from South Carolina!


Carolina Strong!



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