May 7, 2016

USA Powerlifting has been growing in North and South Carolina by leaps and bounds over the last several years.  Back in the day, lifters could walk up to venues on the morning of a competition and compete with no problem.  We were thrilled to death to have 40 lifters and that was a great day!  Those days are long gone.  Our meets are routinely being held with over 100 lifters competing and it is now the norm to have 2 platform meets rather than the exception.  Unfortunately, lifters are being turned away and placed on a waiting list for most of our meets because they are filling up sooner and sooner. 


We have responded.  There are three upcoming meets that lifters can compete in this summer.  The North Carolina State Championship will be held this June and the Procrastinators meet will be held on July 31st.  In addition to these meets in North Carolina, the Palmetto Classic will take place in Charleston, SC this August.  We are determined to give our lifters opportunities to compete locally.  The Palmetto Classic is currently approaching 40 lifters.  We cap out at the first 60 received, so please do not hesitate to get your entry form in if you would like to compete.  Crossfit Wappoo is a wonderful facility and located in a great area near the beaches and historic downtown Charleston.  Make a vacation out of it!




With this said, we cannot continue to put on meets without volunteers.  We desperately need spotters and loaders to step up for these events.  If you would like to help us out for the Palmetto Classic, please send me an email at Clemsonbench@gmail.com.  Men and women are wanted!  We offer free entry into an upcoming North or South Carolina event for those who volunteer with spotting and loading.   We cannot do it without you guys!  Thanks!


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