July 1, 2016

As mentioned in earlier posts, powerlifting in the Carolinas is continuing to grow at an astronomical rate.  The demand to put on contests is ever increasing with Jennifer Thompson and myself, along with several meet directors, working hard to deliver more meets to fill that void.  With this comes two problems:  the first is to not burn out the volunteers who come to spot and load as well as judge these events.  The second problem that we try to combat is having enough judges to allow them to compete at local events from time to time.  After all, before we were judges, we were powerlifters. 


In South Carolina, by my count, we are currently at 16 active judges across the State.  That is a huge number!  I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the last several years.  We need to continue to add to that list as our lifter membership continues to grow and the demand for more meets increases.


I am excited to announce that Orlando McGriff will be taking his judging certification exam this July at the Procrastinators Challenge and later this summer, Jeff Bigham will be taking the test in Charleston at the Palmetto Powerlifting Classic!  Thanks guys!


I have posted a page on or State site that highlights our active USA Powerlifting South Carolina judges.  I'm still working on the pictures, but it is basically our Volunteer Hall of Fame!  As members of the organization, it is really important to give back to the sport.  Please let me know if you would be interested in becoming a judge.  If not, I'm sending Patrick Stroup for you!  Just kidding...


Carolina Strong!




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