July 26, 2016

Spotters for Palmetto Classic August 13 in Charleston. We should have enough spotters for this meet. I will be compiling the list and contacting them during this coming week.


I want to make three points:

North Carolina rarely struggle for spotters, they have an experienced group of volunteer powerlifters that put their hands up for about every NC meet. Men, Women, young and old....


South Carolina has grown a good group of referees over the past two to three years.


South Carolina really struggles to get spotters for EVERY meet. I appreciate Kim, Jeff and Todd volunteering to spot for this meet. The rest of the spotters are not powerlifters, they are gym friends of Kim and Crossfit members and family. We really appreciate these people stepping up. They are going to have to be coached in how to spot and we will have some 600 to 700lb squats.


We (Jon, Kevin and I) need to rely on our State powerlifters stepping up when they are not competing. Spotters are the fundamental difference between a good meet and a so so meet.


Jon Mouzon tried to make it easier to get spotters by ensuring any spotter gets a free entry into any future meet in the Carolinas. It is hard work to be a spotter but you have fun, build friendships and learn a bit about attempt selection, form and the rules of lifting.



Bottom line: We need to build a team of SC powerlifters that are reliable, experienced spotters. You know who you are, so step up!

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