August 10, 2016


To all those competing in the 2016 Palmetto Classic this coming Saturday, I would like to make a few points ahead of time.


Crossfit Wappoo shares a parking area with a drug store. So we do not use up all the store’sparking, please use the parking area to the side, rather than the front of the building.


This is the perfect venue for this single platform meet. It’s also very clean.  Please make sure you leave it the way you found it.


To our new to USAPL lifters, take the time to go to the USA powerlifting web site and read over the rule book. We will have a rules briefing before lifting begins, but it will still be in your best interest to read it. Judging is fair, but strict! You need to be aware of what’s expected in

performing these lifts.


If you have not done so already, get your USA Powerlifting membership online. It’s cheaper and faster than trying to do it the morning of. Also, make sure you are using approved equipment. Belts, wrist wraps, singlets, shoes, Knee sleeves etc. Again, all these things are detailed in the rule book!


Lastly, at last count, there are 50 lifters entered into full power, and 9 in the bench only. 59

lifters is a good many to run through a single platform. The announcer will be calling a lifter to the platform, next up, three out, and maybe four out. Now, you have a minute to take the start command once the “bar loaded” has been given. Please, be aware of where you are in the flight and be ready to step on the platform when your “bar loaded” is given. The quicker you take your attempt, the quicker we can get through the rest of the attempts.


Carolina Strong!

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