August 17, 2016

The USA Powerlifting Palmetto Classic was once again a huge success!  Charleston is a beautiful city and is an attractive destination for powerlifters who may want a quick getaway at the end of the summer.   It was very attractive for Lauren Rutan and Justin Shepherd.  Rutan, who has continued to improve from contest to contest, had a little bit of trouble in the squat, but came back with very impressive lifts in the benchpress and deadlift to hit a total of 843 pounds and capture another best lifter award for her trophy case.  


Justin Shepherd, competed extremely well, breaking SC state records in both the squat as well as the benchpress.  His benchpress of 551 pounds broke a long standing record set in 2009 by Moises Hurtado.  Justin won the best lifter awards for the single-lift benchpress as well as full power.  Great job!


As this was the last competition that American records could be broken locally (they can still be set at State Championships), we made sure that our big gun judges were in place.  Unfortunately, there were none set.  With that said, there was an overflow of South Carolina State records that were broken.  There were far too many to mention individually, but would like to say "Congratulations" to all lifters who set records!  Congratulations!  Records have been updated.


I would like to thank Keene and Laura Steele for opening up Crossfit Wappoo and hosting a top notch competition.  It has been really nice to be able to get down to the lowcountry once again for a powerlifting event.  Thank you to Iron Rhino for providing bags to supplement our best lifter awards.  Look for Crandall and Iron Rhino as a sponsor and return to upcoming meets in the future.  I would also like to thank all of our spotters and loaders as well as our judges who volunteered their time.  No lifters were injured and the judging was spot on for this meet.  Judging was tough, however it was consistent and inline with the rules of the game.


Lastly, I would like to thank Trey Cunningham who provided the live stream of our competition.  This is a wonderful luxury for our sport.  It is currently available to view on Youtube, however there is no sound at this point.  Unfortunately, a few of our songs were picked up and sound was removed.  It is currently be edited and should be up (sound and all) within a day or two.

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