November 1, 2016


It’s been a couple of weeks since RAW Nationals took place, however I still wanted to congratulate all our North and South Carolina lifters who competed.  Most people have no idea how much time, money and dedication it takes to train and compete in the sport of powerlifting.  Unfortunately, there is not much money or fame to be had in the sport, so self-satisfaction, praise from peers and the love of the sport is what drives us to do what we do.  Congratulations!


Barry Rickards has done an excellent job of recapping all the outstanding lifting by our lifters on the USA Powerlifting SC Facebook page, so I may not go into very much detail regarding individual lifts, however I will say that Carolina was very Strong in Atlanta!

SC lifters came in force with Lauren Rutan, David Braden, Dawson Windham, Donny & Jeff Bigham, Penny Hadgeoff, Darian Royse, Heather Faas, Jake Howerin, Melanie Henderson, Justin Davis, Keith McHoney, Mary Lou Hill, John Demchak, Wilmer Serrano and Kelsey Saurber performing extremely well in the ATL.  Multiple SC State records were broken and we placed well across the board.  Great job!


We have several competitions coming around the bend:


The Fall Festival of Power is coming up this weekend.  It is currently full.


The USA Powerlifting SC State Championship will be held in Fort Mill on January 7th.  We will be taking the first 90 lifters registered.  Don’t hesitate!


North Carolina will be hosting a push pull meet in Charlotte, NC on February 25.


The Battle on the Border is coming up this April!  This is our flagship competition in the Carolinas.  South Carolina won the Battle this past year so we need to sign up early and represent so we can continue our winning ways!  Keep the plaque in the South!


After much thought and struggle, USA Powerlifting in South Carolina will be following the path of our National organization and the International Powerlifting Federation.  State records transitioning with a few changes in the next couple of weeks:


  1.  If a M2 lifter has a higher record than that posted in the M1 division, the M2 lifter will now be awarded the M2 and the M1 record.  This can also be applied to the teen or junior records, but in the opposite direction.  If a T1 holds a record that is heavier than the T2 or T3 record, then that lifter will now hold all three records (T1, T2 and T3). 

  2. A lifter becomes a M1 lifter the calendar year that he turns 40.  This is true for every increment of Masters, i.e. M1a, M1b, M2a, etc.  In the past, we have allowed our state records to be broken once you turn 40, 45, 50 etc.   Lifters who can compete as a Master 1, will now be able to set Master 1 records in South Carolina regardless of actual age.  It’s the right thing to do.  With this said, it is up to the lifter to ensure that these records are awarded.  Keeping up with a 39-year-old competing as a M1 and trying to determine the calendar year that a Master designation is assigned is a very tough thing to do.  Please help me out with this.  I want everyone who deservingly breaks a record to get credit for that in the books!


Please shoot me an email at with any questions regarding this change in policy.  Unfortunately, change is necessary and USA Powerlifting is looking to standardize the record process. 


Finally, we are supposed to have a State Chair Election at our State Championship this January.  If anyone would like to run for the SC State Chair position, please send me an email or message. 

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