November 25, 2017

Saturday – December 9, 2017


Upper Palmetto YMCA

857 Promenade Walk

Fort Mill, SC 29708 (I77 Exit #85)


Hotels: (near the Upper Palmetto YMCA exit #85)

Hotels are nearby at Rock Hill, Pineville and in the Carowinds Theme Park in the Fort Mill area.


Before the Meet:


Obtain a USAPL Membership Card at $45 ($30 for teen lifters). You will receive an email giving you a receipt for your payment and, a few days later, your electronic Membership card which you can print out or bring your mobile device to Meet Check IN to prove you are a Current USAPL Member. Memberships purchased January - October expire December 31 of that same year. Memberships purchased in November-December expire December 31 of the following year.


Drug testing. The USAPL is drug tested. In meets 10% of lifters are selected and tested. Not random tests.


Ensure you have approved equipment as defined in the


Meet Schedule:


Friday 12/8/2017

7 to 8pm Early Equipment Check


Saturday 12/9/2017

8 to 9:30am – Check in, Equipment Check and Weigh in.

9;30 to 10am – Rules Briefing and Lifter Warm Up

10am – Lifting for all classes

Drug testing protocol and Awards Presentation will follow Lifting.


WAIVER: All lifters and volunteers must sign a waiver before check in.


REGISTRATION (Check In): You will check in with the registration table, present your Photo ID and your USAPL Card. You will get a Score Card and then proceed to Gear Check.


GEAR CHECK and OPENING ATTEMPTS: Your lifting gear (singlets, t-shirts, knee sleeves, and so on) will be inspected and approved. You then need to write down your opening attempts on your Score Card in Kilos (conversion tables will be available). You will then proceed to weigh in and get your rack heights for squat and bench press.


WEIGH-INS: Wear something easy to take off for weigh-ins, there are lifters waiting, so the quicker you (and your fellow competitors) can get in and out of the weigh-ins, the faster you can eat and prepare for your competition.


RACK HEIGHTS: While waiting to weigh in or after, get your rack heights for both squat and bench. You will want to have this written on your Lifter Card


SCORE CARD: Once you have weighed in and obtained your rack heights. The referee at weigh in will keep your score card.



  1. ATTEMPTS: New Lifters will be NERVOUS so for your openers on all 3 lifts, take a weight that you are CONFIDENT you can complete with the required form for at least 3 reps.


  • American Records can be set at this meet. Must bring proof of birth date for age records.

  • It is the lifter’s responsibility to know the current American record and to tell the Scorer’s table that the attempt will be for an American Record.


Opening Attempts (in kilos)

Personal Music/earphones


Bring snacks for the entire day. You will want to eat between flights, keep fueling and hydrating the body. (dilute Gatorade/Powerade 50/50 [sip], bananas are great fuel, granola bar before dead lift)


  • Knowledge is power. Take some time to read through the USAPL Technical Rules, this only benefits you as a lifter to know what you can and can’t do!

  • Review (and practice) commands for each lift:

    • Squat: Squat/Rack

    • Bench: Start/Press/Rack

    • Dead: Down

  • Attempts: You will turn in your next attempt immediately following your exit from the platform. Remember, you can go up, stay the same (in the event you missed an attempt) or decline another attempt). You cannot go ‘down’ if you miss an attempt (open confident!)

  • Lifting: You have 60 seconds to get the Start command once the bar is loaded, be ready!


  • We drug test! Do not leave the meet until an announcement has been made that the athletes have been selected for testing. Failure to be present when requested will be considered a failure.

  • If you have to leave, please check in with the meet director first.

  • Did you set an American Record? We need a copy of your Photo ID and for you to sign your Record Claim Form.  

  • Awards are given at the end of the day! Stick around for your individual award, best lifter awards and the group photo at the end.

From a lifters perspective:


Raw lifting is defined in USAPL competition as using only the following gear and accessories, as detailed in the USAPL Lifters Handbook above:

(a) Non-supportive singlet (as wrestling singlet)* [no elastic, read logo restrictions in Handbook]
(b) T-shirt* (no v neck, no cut off, standard short sleeves, no pockets, no offensive logo)
(c) Briefs* (no boxers or compression shorts) [For women - sports bra]
(d) Socks and knee length socks*
(e) Belt (max 10cm wide, 13mm thick, no padding, no Velcro)
(f) Lifting Shoes (Squat and Deadlift)*
(g) Wrist wraps
(h) Single-ply neoprene knee sleeves without attaching and/or tightening mechanisms like Velcro, clips, or straps (no wraps)

*These items are required. The rest are optional.


Also, pack:

Spare singlet and T-shirt, Baby powder for deadlift, Towel

Study the USAPL Lifter Handbook  and USAPL Rulebook(  for official rules and regulations.



To view videos from actual USAPL meets go to

This is the Streaming from 2016 Raw Nationals and you can fast forward to view lifts and commands.

I've never competed before, what are the basics I need to know about the squat, bench and deadlift rules?

   Squat: The lifter will unrack the weight and get set up and then stand "locked out" until the head referee says "squat". The lifter will then squat down until the top of the hip joint goes below the top of the knee and then come back up. The lifter then has to wait, standing erect until the head referee says "rack".

     Bench: The lifter will unrack the weight (a lift-off person can help if desired) and hold the bar in the locked out position until the head referee says "start". The lifter then lowers the bar to the chest and holds the bar motionless on the chest until the head referee says "press". The lifter then presses up and holds the bar in the locked out position until the head referee says "rack". Other considerations: The entire foot must remain flat on the floor. The head, shoulders and butt must remain in contact with the bench at all times. The thumb must be around the bar. "Thumb-less" grip is not allowed.

     Deadlift: The lifter will pick the bar up, stand erect, shoulders square and knees locked; and wait for the referee to say "down". Knee high socks must be worn when deadlifting.

If possible, get a fellow gym member to give the Head Referee’s commands and practice with these commands! Also, get someone you trust to judge depth on squat. Do not cut yourself short on depth.


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