January 4, 2018


Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season.  I would like to take this time to introduce myself. I am B.J. Faas. Many of you already know me, but many of you may not.  If You attended the SC State Championship in Dec., you probably already heard the announcement. I will be taking over the role as State Chair for USA Powerlifting in SC with my beautiful wife Heather Faas by my side as co-chair.


 This will be a brand new experience for the both of us, but we know that with this wonderful community that we have in the Carolina's, and the support that each one of you show, it should be a great experience.  I must say though, I have some very large shoes to fill.  Jon Mouzon has done an amazing job working diligently to help grow this sport here in South Carolina.  As we all know though, this can not be done alone.  Jon has had great help from individuals like Kevin Locklear, Barry Rickards and ALL of you who have volunteered in any capacity.


One of our many and probably our biggest assets to this sport in our state is our volunteers with spotters/loaders being at the top of the list.  Everyone who helps and is involved with helping at a meet is a volunteer.  At the State level, we are all volunteers. Myself included. These meets can not happen without you.

We are so blessed with the amount of growth that we've seen over the past few years and the large number of volunteers who have stepped up to help make these meets a success. Due to the bad weather on the day of our State championship back in December, our list of volunteers for that meet disappeared quickly.  It appeared as though we would barely have enough Referees/spotters/loaders to man a single platform, much less a two platform competition.  However, people at the last minute stepped up to make that meet happen.


 Now with all of this being said, one of my goals for 2018 is to find more people who would like to get involved. The more volunteers that we can find to help at meets, the more meets that we can put on. When we only have a few handfuls of people who will volunteer, it really puts a strain on the amount of meets that we can hold.  Also one thing to remember is that North Carolina has been a huge support in helping out at these contests.  Even though we are two different States, we like to consider ourselves one, Carolina Strong. Jennifer and Donovan Thompson along with all of their volunteers, play a huge role in our meets just as we do with theirs. So even though we have only been doing 2-3 meets a year in SC, most volunteers end up doing 4-6 meets a year when you include our NC meets.


 I know that because we only hold about 3 meets per year, you guys usually want to lift in those meets so you wouldn't be able to volunteer. Well as we continue to grow and these meets fill up faster, we would probably have enough people to fill another roster for another meet following. Some states have enough activity and people that they hold meets month after month and in some cases weekend after weekend. Of course, this is spread out throughout the state. This can only happen with multiple meet directors and volunteers. I believe that we can get there, but it will take all of us to spread the word about and grow our member base.


More State referees are needed. If you have been a USA Powerlifting member for a year and are in good standing with the organization, you can take the referee test. It is an open book test that you will take the night before a meet. The day of the meet, you will sit with one of our National referees and call lifts with them. Being a referee is a great experience and you see a lot of things up close. If any of you are interested in taking the test and becoming a referee, please contact me anytime through email or even text. 


 Thank you all again for making this sport so enjoyable and for all of your support. Lets make 2018 an awesome year for the Carolinas.


Carolina Strong!





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