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Team Competition Registration Instructions

If you are wanting to sign-up a team for one of our USA Powerlifting competitions in SC you must follow these instructions. 

All teams that enter must be a USAPL registered Club. Here is the link to be able to get your club registered and your logo approved.

How to register a team:


1) Your USAPL Registered Club President or a representative will go to


2) Click Registration Form


3) From there you will fill out the registration form. An example of how it should look is in the picture below.         

     The important things to note are :

  • For Full name put your team name. For the team cell just enter it again.​

  • Membership number just put 0.

  • For phone number just put any phone number you want used for registration contact

  • For address information just put anything. This is just required to registration by Liftingcast

  • For state put the state your team is registered in

  • For birthdate just put anything

  • For gender you have to select "Male" (Just because its the first to pop up and to make it easier)

  • For Division you have to select "Raw" (again just because its the first to pop up and to make it easier)

  • For Division name scroll all the way down and select "Team Division" 

  • For weight class select "All"

  • For the shirt size enter N?A

Click here to view the scoring system for the team competition.

Team sign-up example.PNG
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