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We are always in need for volunteers at these events. Without our volunteers these events can not happen. Please consider volunteering to help at one of the upcoming events by clicking the "volunteer" tab under the event and filling out the form. 


Sanction: SC-2024-04

Saturday – JAN 13, 2024


Location: Sam's Fitness Center             


Sam's Fitness Center

244 Jefferson Ave, Ste 708


You will not be required to have a current USA Powerlifting ID# in order to register for this meet. If you plan for your lifts to count for USA Powerlifting placing purposes, you will need to have it prior to meet day in order to compete. You can sign up or renew your membership here

You Should also familiarize yourself with the rule here.

**This meet is only for current or retired military personnel** 

***There will be no full refunds at any time.***

Primary divisions to be offered @ $100 entry

  • Full power

  • Push / Pull

  • Bench only

  • Deadlift only

Second divisions (all the same as above) will be an extra $30

Click one of the links below 

  • Registration Form

  • Waitlist

  • Volunteer Form

  • Roster

Early Equipment check and Rack heights
Friday, 1/12/24 5pm-7pm


Meet Day
6:30 am - Doors open and Equipment check begins
7:00 am to 8:30 am - Weigh ins
​8:30 am - Rules Briefing
9:00 am - Competitions Starts

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