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Sanction: SC-2023-07

Saturday –Nov 11, 2023

Location: TBD                                  

                   The roster will go live once the meet is closed


This is the 2023 USA POWERLIFTING SC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AND SOUTHEAST OPEN. This meet is 2 meets in one. You have to be registered in SC with USA Powerlifting to compete in the state championship. The Southeast Open portion will be open to all other states. Competitors who are in the state championship will also automatically be entered into the Southeast open if there is a competitor competing in the SE open in their weight class and division. So State championship competitors could possibly walk away with two different medals. 

You will be not be required to have a current USA powerlifting membership ID# to register. If you are or were previously a member and have a number please put it in. It helps tremendously. If you are not a member or are not current, wait until Nov to become a member or renew. That way the membership will carry over to next year. All memberships expire Dec 31 of year purchased (Memberships purchased Nov/Dec expire the following year-end.)

You can sign up or renew your membership here

You Should also familiarize yourself with the rule here.

***There will be no full refunds at any time. If you are issued a refund at any time there will be a cancelation fee that is half the cost of a primary entry. There will be no refunds once the meet is full or is closed.***

Primary divisions to be offered @ $120 entry

  • Full power

  • Push / Pull

  • Bench only

  • Deadlift only

Second divisions (all the same as above) will be an extra $30

Team divisions to be offered @ $120 entry

Click one of the links below 

  • Registration Form

  • Team Registration Instructions

  • Waitlist

  • Volunteer Form

  • Roster 

Early Equipment check and Rack heights
Friday, 11/10/23 5pm-7pm


Meet Day: May Change so keep an eye out
7:00 am - Doors open and Equipment check begins
7:30 am to 9:00 am - Weigh ins
​9:00 am - Rules Briefing
9:30 am - Competitions Starts (projected to end at 5:00 pm)